Suzanne Lummis

"It took more than one man to change my name to Shanghai Lilly"
- Marlena Dietrich, "Shanghai Express"

One after another, here, we encounter these terrific and terrifying, sad and funny poems. Like the Los Angeles of film, dream and apocalypse they're rooted in, Suzanne Lummis's poems leave 'an imprint on your/mind's eye you can't blink off.'"
- Robert Dana
Humor and pathos, grit and glitter meet in these chronicles of Los Angeles noir life and dog days - earthquakes, riots, bars, all-night donut shops. This is not the cherished and envied Hollywood of tabloids but East Hollywood, the low-income, unfashionable side where no movie star deigns to venture. With surprising juxtapositions and the illusion of ease these witty and sometimes scary poems chart Suzanne Lummis' misadventures and liaisons dangerousness at the low end of the big city. Heyday, California Poetry Series

Three Blocks


from Fahrenheit Chronicles

"...a quintessential voice of the lively Southern California scene". Poetry Flash, the literary newspaper of the Western states.

Suzanne Lummis
Founder- Director of the Los Angeles Poetry Festival

Principal editor of "Grand Passion: The Poetry of Los Angeles and Beyond," select as one of the best books of the year, The Los Angeles Times Book Review,1996

Suzanne has been associated with Stand Up poetry co-editor editor with Charles Webb on the first influential anthology documenting this hybrid of performance and literary poetry. An article exploring the sensibility appeared in the 1994 March/April Poets & Writers Magazine.

Suzanne's poems have appeared in the longstanding U.S. magazines The Antioch Review, The Hudson Review and Ploughshares, in the U. K. publication co-founded by Ezra Pound, Agenda, and in the nationally distributed U. K. newspaper "The Independent on Sunday". Anthologies with her work include Poems of the American West (Knoph, "Everyman's Library" series), California Poetry from the Gold rush to the Present (Heyday Books), and Poetry Daily: 366 Poems (Sourcebooks, Inc.)

She teaches several levels of poetry, beginning through advanced through the UCLA Extension Writers' Program, and has developed and taught Extension courses on the persona poem, the socio-political poem and the "poem noir" ("Poetry Goes to the Movies: the Poem Noir").

"As poet, performer, editor, teacher and poetic impresario Suzanne Lummis has been for more than two
decades, one of the most distinctive and influential poets in Los Angeles." The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poets and Poetry" Richard Silberg.

Suzanne Lummis
is a founding member
of the acclaimed
poetry performance troupe,



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